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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Hair Growth Clinic in Charlotte, NC   

Let us Restore your Confidence; Hair Loss does not have to be permanent!

Choose Advanced Hair Growth Clinic as your go-to hair growth clinic in Charlotte, NC. We offer personal and professional solutions for people experiencing Hair Loss. In our clinic, we provide private consultations and recommendations that are tailored solutions for your lifestyle. We address all types of hair loss including alopecia treatment, scarring, cancer, and natural causes such as male & female pattern baldness.   

Your Trichology consultation will take between 1 – 1.5 hours as hair loss is a complex issue with multiple factors. Initially I will discuss your hair and scalp issues with you to get a clear understanding of your concerns. I will evaluate your hair care regime, medical history, lifestyle and nutrition, before thoroughly examining the hair and scalp. All consultations are carried out in a private and sensitive environment.

Prior to your appointment:

·       Please do not shampoo your hair on the day of the appointment

·       Please bring with you a copy of any recent blood test results if available

·       Please bring with you details of any medications or supplements you take

Hair Loss Practitioner
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Temima 'Kimra' Ali, owner

"We're learning and finally accepting that the key to healthy beautiful hair is a healthy and beautiful scalp. I am proud to be a part of the movement towards beauty and health from the inside-out. It is important to me that professionals educate and coach their clients towards their most healthy selves."

In an industry that is in constant change and growth it's hard to stay current. Unless you are Kimra who has managed to consistently deliver stunning results and impeccable service. Evidenced by her 16 year career Kimra has a host of impressive titles including Licensed Natural Hair Specialist, Licensed Natural Hair Educator, and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner. This St. Thomas native has always appreciated nature, from early childhood she learned to seek out the goodness of this earth to enhance the goodness of natural healing and beauty.

As a graduate from the United States Trichology Institute and certified by the American Medical Certification Association Kimra's goal is to help as many people as possible who suffer from scalp disorders that cause hair loss. The Advanced Hair Growth Clinic is committed to solving this problem for it's clients. She host events to educate colleagues on identifying hair loss before it is no longer treatable.

The Clinic offers products and services that promote healthy scalp and hair. With a private consultation area clients can feel comfortable discussing their needs. Treatments are based on customized recommendations and are available for immediate use. Kimra is an educator who not only treats hair loss but, prevention as well.

Below are a few of our services that Advanced Hair Growth Clinic offers to men and women experiencing hair loss. These services may be booked online. Clients do not have to live in our city to obtain our services. We help people from around the world and offer virtual consultations and treatments that can be conducted in office or from the comforts of your home if you do not reside locally to the clinic.

The first step in fighting hair loss is to identify with what is occurring, then the next step is to schedule your consultation to get on the road of regrowth and proper hair loss care.

We accept FSA, HSA, CareCredit and all major credit cards

Hair Growth Clinic | Charlotte, NC - Advanced Hair Growth Clinic

Consultation / Scalp Analysis

Prior to undergoing scalp treatments or hair loss services, a consultation is required. The consultation is used to rule out causes of hair loss/thinning and will be used to determine treatment. If you have recent blood-work or diagnosis from any medical professional, please be ready to provide it as this helps to rule out varying forms of hair loss. The consultation includes a scalp analysis. Upon completion of the consultation, a treatment may be drafted immediately, OR it may take a few days. 


Hair Growth Clinic | Charlotte, NC - Advanced Hair Growth Clinic

Scalp Detox

This service is designed to deep cleanse & exfoliate the scalp to provide a healthy environment for the follicles. This treatment when used alone will address scalp buildup, itchiness, flakiness, and tenderness, and it may or may not include a mineral clay mask dependent on the scalp. It is recommended that scalp detoxes are performed weekly for at least 4-6 weeks. Depending on the condition of the scalp, a longer-term Scalp Detox Program may be recommended, which is a series of scalp detoxes over a period of time.

Hair Growth Clinic | Charlotte, NC - Advanced Hair Growth Clinic

6 - Week Traction Alopecia Treatment

This is a weekly treatment conducted over the course of six weeks to reverse loss and thinning because of traction alopecia. This service includes a weekly deep cleansing of the affected area and microneedle therapy designed to regenerate the cells in that area. Price also includes a 30 minute consultation.



Healthy hair starts from within - Treat alopecia naturally with Hair Fact

Hair Fact for Men

(4 month supply)

A Cyclical Therapy
These nutritional supplements have no side effects, they deliver wellness, good health and hair growth.

Hair Loss Services in Charlotte, NC

Hair growth requires regular scalp care with shampoos, stimulation of hair growth with applications, and a supply of the nutrients which are the building blocks for creation of new growing hair.

Hair Fact controls hair loss and stimulates new hair growth within 3 months. Hair Fact Therapy is approved by US FDA, Australian TGA and Health Canada. Over 1000 Trichologists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have been using this therapy for past few years. Over one hundred fifty thousand patients have already benefited with Hair Fact Therapy.

Hair Fact for Women

(4 month supply)

A Cyclical Therapy
These nutritional supplements have no side effects, they deliver wellness, good health and hair growth.

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Received treatment for hair loss. Amazing experience and results working with Advanced Hair Growth. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Kimra without reservation.

- HTaylor, Charlotte NC

Kimra is professional and cares about the health of her client's hair. She is very knowledgeable and is always looking for better and healthier ways to help her clients hair to grow and be healthier. Her shop is always nice and has a calming atmosphere. I know I can trust her with my hair.

- W A Witherspoon, Waxhaw, NC


Hair Growth Clinic | Charlotte, NC - Advanced Hair Growth Clinic

What type of treatments do you offer?

Detox Therapy Treatment unclogs and oxygenates the deep layers of the scalp (follicle) and cuticle and cortex of the hair. This therapy possesses fungicidal exfoliants, regenerative, hydrating and nourishing properties while activating blood flow. Detox Therapy Treatment is recommended for:
Hair Loss, Pityriasis, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema, Deep dehydration, Dermatitis (dandruff)

Ozone Therapy aids in elimination of toxins, increases glandular activity and stimulates circulation of the blood. Also has germicidal action, increases cellular metabolism and aids in deeper penetration (absorption) of topicals.

Cyclical Therapy specifically for hair regrowth, this holistic approach combines both vitamins and herbal combinations to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Hair growth is influenced through multiple conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, environmental changes and more. All follicle roots, as a result of both internal and external causes, can become susceptible to the effects of hormone levels, resulting in hair loss and a reduced regrowth phase causing thinning and/or gradual baldness.

Low Level Light Therapy

Our pain free FDA approved Low-Level-Light-Therapy system is an important part of the solution. It is a cool laser that effectively stimulates the scalp area and causes an increase in blood flow.

5 Benefits

  1. An increase in transport of energy with cells for metabolism and protein synthesis, causing an increase in osmotic cellular function.
  2. Improved cell reproduction.
  3. Increase in protein synthesis, causing a change in cell membrane permeability.
  4. Increased blood circulation by 54% after only one treatment, providing a supply of nutrients to the hair follicle.
  5. Clinically proven to increase the size of the capillaries under the hair follicle

Hair Growth Clinic | Charlotte, NC - Advanced Hair Growth Clinic

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, financing is offered through CareCredit and we accept all major credit cards, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) & Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA)


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